Mario Rodwald: his dad's a fan'

The weather conditions were not perfect on the Baltic Island of Fehmarn, but the 9th Seat Kitesurf-Trophy is over.

Nearly 80 of the best kitesurfers from all over Germany fought in the freestyle and race disciplines for the title of German champion.

The 32-year-old Gunnar Biniasch won three of the four races. Armin Harich and Roy Rodwald got the following places. In the women's event, Sabrina Lutz secured the overall trophy over the other ladies.

Mario Rodwald made it clear from the beginning that he wanted to pick up again this year for the fourth time the crown of freestyle discipline. The Norwegian kiteboarder Anne Valvatne is the queen of freestyle.

The German kiteboarding championships were held in a total of three tour stops: Dahme, Büsum and Fehmarn.

Overall Results

Men Race:

1st Gunnar Biniasch
2nd Armin Harich
3rd Roy Rodwald
4th Andi Hanrieder

Women Race:

1st Sabrina Lutz
2nd Heike Wycisk
3rd Stephanie Voß
4th Christine Bönninger
5th Nina Schuhmacher

Men Freestyle

1st Mario Rodwald
2nd Niklas Huntgeburth
3rd Stefan Permien
4th Tim Kummerfeld
5th Niklas Imaz

Women Freestyle

1st Anne Valvatne
2nd Heike Wycisk
3rd Sabrina Lutz
4th Susanne Brill
5th Sünne Elbel

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) approved surfing's qualification system for the Tokyo 2020.

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