Dutch Freestyle Championships: TV stations were everywhere

Last weekend, the Dutch Freestyle Championships of Kiteboarding sponsored by Mystic took place on the beach of Scheveningen, The Netherlands.

Thirty competitors in the Mens division and fifteen in the Women's division competed against each other for the title Dutch Kiteboarding Champion 2010!

Day one:

On day one the conditions were freezing cold with a strong offshore southerly wind. Even though the wind was really gusty this day, the race director decided to start off the competition.

Team Mystic was presented by Mystic marketing director Max Blom jr. and Mystic team rider Bas Koole, who took the bronze medal last year next to winner Kevin Langeree and Mystic teammate Youri Zoon. This year though, Kevin Langeree was still injured and Youri Zoon is training for the World Tour in Brazil. Therefore Bas became one of the top favorites for this year's title.

The final of the single elimination was a true battle between Bas Koole and 16 year old Jerry vd Kop. Jerry is a young talent and did a tremendous job by reaching the final. Both riders where riding very well with lots of power. Unfortunately, Bas broke his steering line and lost a lot of value time, and in the end Jerry took the win in the single elimination.

Day Two:

Day two kicked off with a north westerly wind (15-20 knots). This was the day of the double eliminations. Mystic marketing director Max Blom jr. made it trough round three but got knocked out by Johnno Scholte who was riding very strong, and eventually worked his way up to the fourth place!

The final of the double eliminations was again between Jerry vd Kop and Bas Koole, in which Bas would have to win twice to become the new Dutch champ. The beach was packed with spectators during these two stunning heats, and in the end it was Bas who was the better rider. Ending his heat with a very stylish Kiteloop Slimchance, he is the new and well deserved Dutch Champion.

In the final of the women's division it was newcomer Lisa van Ginkel who had to take it up against five times Dutch champion Jalou Langeree. Lisa did all she can to break the supremacy of Jalou, but without success. In this final Jalou rode the best heat of the championship with an S-bend Air Pass as her final trick, which was epic! This secured Jalou's sixth Dutch Championship Title in a row, an amazing result.

Congratulations to Bas Koole (Mystic) and Jalou Langeree with their titles!

Source: Mystic Boarding

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