Wipe out: Luderitz is fast and furious

Kitesurfers of the 2010 Luderitz Speed Challenge keep pushing the limits. With only 35 knots of wind, the fastest riders in the world managed to get the best out of the Namibian raceway.

Three athletes passed the 50 knots mark, with Sebastien Cattelan reaching the incredible speed of 52.81 knots.

The Algerian record was improved twice: Afrit Foued set the 39.81 knots for his country. The Hungarian record got also better: Zsolt Lenkei reached 42.16 knots.

Last but not least, in home soil, Stefan Metzger has beaten the Namibian record, scoring 46.60 knots. These speeds still need to be verified by the WSSRC.

Finally, Sophie Routaboul came close to the female world speed sailing record with a 44.92. She's almost there.

The 2010 Luderitz Speed Challenge is near the end.

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