Karen Lang: anybody in heaven?

Flying high is becoming an enthusiastic challenge for world kitesurfers. In Maui, Hawaii, the local wind riders have put up an informal competition in order to record the highest kite jumps.

Did anyone touch the sky? Well, yes indeed. With the helping tech brain of ShadowBox - a GPS unit packed with additional sensors that can detect jump height, spin rotation, hang time, 3D-distance traveled, G-forces, board-trim and much more - several winners were crowned.

The highest kite jump was achieved by John McCabe. He simply reached an incredible height of 57,6 feet. The first Annual Kiteboarding Jump Party Maui was a tremendous success with 28 kitesurfers attending the event.

Final Results:


Grand Masters

1st Steve Sadler 43,2


1st Greg Orlandella 46,3
2nd Mark Stevens 39,8
3rd Curt Scott 38,6


1st Sam Utley 55,6
2nd Phil Sobolev 46,9
3rd Stamati Stamatiou 45,9

Under 30

1st John McCabe 57,6
2nd Aaron Blankenbyl 51,33
3rd Chas Edwards 49,2


Grand Masters

1st Karen Lang 27,5


1st Diana Pond Klase 27,7


1st Natasha Gronski 37,3
2nd Caprice Winnaman 30,1

Under 30

1st Raqual de Lima 39,9

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