SnowKite Masters 2011: the storm passed by

The SnowKite Masters 2011 has come to a spectacular end, in the Serre Chevalier, in France. In one of the largest snow sport area of the country, 60 kiteboarders from 20 countries battled hard to get the best result possible. Wareck Arnaud and Régis Labaune, the two organizers, had everything set for an historic competition.

Highly motivated riders were ready to kick of the race, when a snow storm stopped everyone from launching their kites. The race was temporary suspended on Sunday, but the weather was not better for the next days. During the week, the skies were blue but, this time, no wind or breeze.

Fortunately, the SnowKite Masters 2011 could be completed with a great last day. The French male riders dominated their divisions, while Kari Schibevaag was clearly the one and only lady to conquer the skies of the Serre Chevalier.

Final results of the SnowKite Masters 2011:

Kite Snowboard

1 - Guillaume Chastagnol FR
2 - Romain Luppi CH
3 - Marek Zach CZ
4 - Jeff Lilas FR

1 - Kari Schibevaag NOR
2 - Estelle Lambellet FR
3 - Caroline Onarheim Nor
4 - Tatiana Sysoeva RUS

Kite Ski

1 - Johann Civel FR
2 - Anton Uzhegov RUS
3 - Alexandre Bryan CH
4 - Alex Robin FR

1 - Kari Schibevaag NOR
2 - Murielle Vandenbembt FR

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