Sand dune: mineral rides

Sand kiteboarding is the new wind riding "discipline". There are a growing number of videos being uploaded with adventures in the dunes, deserts and beaches of this world.

The new kitesurfing trend has been emerging particularly when winds do not cope with water sessions and large areas of sand are close. Watch them in action.

Today, there's no need for wheels any more. Some kite boards have already special designed rails for improved performance in tougher surfaces. Of course, kiteboarders must have in mind the danger of severe injuries while sand kiteboarding. A helmet is compulsory.

When the wind is too weak, sand kiteboarding can be safe and fun. Dunes are perfect for this new style, but the quality of the sand is very important. The lighter and fine the grain is the better.

Kiteboarders have already experienced challenging sand rides, from the Oregon coastal dunes to Double Island Point, in Queensland, Australia.

So, if you're going to ride the sand mountains of your local town, make sure to enjoy it safely and with friends. Wear a helmet and protect your knees and feet.

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