Bruno Sroka: free the innocents

Bruno Sroka, one of the most experienced kiteboarders in the world, has successfully completed the crossing of the Pointe du Raz, off the French coast of Brittany.

Sroka dedicated this epic journey to Hervé Ghesquière and Stéphane Taponier, two French journalists made hostages in Afghanistan and already in detention for more than 500 days.

The kitesurfer kicked off the adventure at the archipelago of the Glénan. He challenged strong currents and tides, with 12-to-20 knots NW winds.

The choppy waters were also another problem, but Sroka kept the pace and managed stamina very well. "As time passes, the more difficult it is to stay focused and my body language started to become disorganized. Fatigue makes my movements less precise, my legs begin to be felt, fatigue overtakes me", reports Bruno.

"I am pleased to have achieved my goal. The main purpose of this trip was to give my support and to show them that even in the water, symbol of freedom, we think about them and hope they will soon be released", he adds.

This is the first time a kiteboarder crosses the Pointe du Raz. Bruno Sroka travelled nearly 70 nautical miles or about 130 kilometres to complete the mission. Watch the video highlights.

The world kiteboarding champion had already set a record for circumnavigating the island of Boracay, in Philippinesm, and had completed the crossing of the Cape Horn.

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