Airlift kiteboarding: if the winch fails...

There's a clear warning that should be respect before reading and watching the following video. Don't try this at home. In fact, Ken Van Accolyen and Axel Tack risked their lives after getting air lifted high in the skies of the Netherlands.

The Belgian Slingshot kiteboarders got favorable winds and, with the help of a winch, visited the blue skies of the South of Holland, like if they were in an air balloon. Watch the stunt.

They believe this might break the Guinness Book of World Records for the highest air lift by a human being. At least, it might be considered in the kiteboarding category.

It is not clear how high Ken Van Accolyen and Axel Tack got, but a rough calculation could easily aim at the 40 metres (130ft). This dangerous stunt will be included in the wildest moves made by kiteboarders, a category in which Lewis Crathern has two entries.

The British kiteboarder completed a death-defying jump over the Worthing Pier and the Brighton Pier. Although the challenges might be considered spectacular, you should never try to imitate them, as you put your life in serious danger.

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