Greece: great for wind riding | Photo: KiteProCenter

The Hellenic Coast Guard has restricted kiteboarding in the Greek waters and will only be allowed in beaches that have been rented by private persons or companies (clubs) for kitesurf purposes only.

The decision is followed by strict rules, procedures and restrictions that have to be followed by the clubs renting kitesurf equipment and caused a deep concern in the local wind riding community.

This means, kiteboarding will be considered and declared as an illegal recreation activity in the other beaches in Greece. Kite Mag, a local spots publication, consulted legal advisors and started a protest.

There's an online petition available and everyone is invited to sign it. The petition letter was also sent to the proper superior authority of Hellenic Coast Guard, which is the Secretary General of Security - Maritime Navigation of the Minister of Citizen Protection.

A meeting between both parties has already been sheduled in order to suggest proposals which keep kitesurf recreation activity free. Kitesurfers understand that logical, functional and safety rules have to be established in respect of swimmers and all other sea activities.

Greece attracts many kitesurfers from all over the world and banning the sport is not the solution.

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