Canary Islands: cliff kiteboarding by Marek Zach

The kiteboarding community is stoked with the number and quality of the challenges that have been taken by riders from all over the world. Marek Zach, a 31 year-old kitesurfer from the Czech Republic, has completed another outstanding, yet dangerous, high-flying stunt.

The wind rider, who also enjoys skateboarding and snowboarding, has jumped off a huge cliff in the Canary Islands, in Spain.

Zach decided he could beat the "Murphys Cliff Project". But, before the high risk kite jump from the rocky cliff, the kiteboarder tested the direction of the winds and the whole spot.

He rehearsed the big move in a small, then a medium cliff, before taking on the difficult challenge. "Murphy" Zach had a backup support team with him, all the time, fine tuning the gear and filming the stunt.

Although it seems Marek's jump from the cliff was easy, it was not. The Czech kiteboarder waited for the right moment and then hit the skies and jumped off to the stormy waters of the Canary Islands.

This is kite stunt played an experienced rider. Please, do not try this anywhere. Watch and enjoy the video "Murphys Cliff Project".

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