Narapichit Pudla: Asian kite star

Narapichit “Yo” Pudla has won the 2011 Binhai Weifang China International Kitesurfing Open Tournament, held in China’s Shandong province. The second edition of the event started with lots of Chinese food, a speech on the stage for the opening ceremony and, because of the lack of wind, some more food, hanging out, back to the hotel and again Chinese food.

And it basically has been the same scenario the next two days. Finally on the last day, the wind decided to kick in with 10 to 12 knots. It took quite some time for the race coordinator to prepare the race course and only one heat took place.

Yo got off to a good start and finished the short race as the winner. Torrin stayed close behind and came in second.

Official Results of the 2011 Binhai Weifang China International Kitesurfing Open Tournament:

1. Narapichit “Yo” Pudla (Thailand)
2. Torrin Bright (New Zealand)
3. Antoine (France)
4. Eli Sarka (Israel)

It produces a characteristic sound that immediately takes us to tropical environments. The ukulele was born in Hawaii but has its roots in Western Europe.

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