KPWT Essaouira 2008

Morocco will host the Essaouira Kiteboard World Cup, final of the 2008 KPWT, from the 1st to the 9th of November. 

There are a thousand reasons to come to Essaouira. Its festivals Gnawa and Andalusian, the Portuguese style of its magnificent ramparts, the unique bustle of its medina. Its always pleasant, temperate climate. And of course, the beaches !

The beaches outside the town are just as magnificent. Sidi Kaouki, 14 km south of the town is know as a good surfing spot, as is Moulay Bouzerktoune, 25 km to the north of Essaouira, which also offers very good waves.

Located on the Atlantic, Essaouira - and Morocco at the same time - are well-known to be one of the best watersport's place in the world.

Moreover, the city of Essaouira owns the Blue Flag label, which prove the good spots quality, its dynamism about all watersports and also its ability to hold an International event like the Essaouira Kiteboard World Cup

Born in 2001, with the Brunotti Essaouira Pro, the Kiteboard World Cup has built a strong reputation in the world of kiteboard since then. The participation of the best international kiteboarders in the 2006, 2007, editions reported on TV on a worldwide basis of more than 300 countries spread and strengthened the paradisiacal image of Morocco as a water sports playground all over the world.

Essaouira benefits by various wind directions, from South to North, with variations between 15 to 35 knots, perfect conditions for Freestyle and Course Racing.. Moreover, the Wave masters -attractive waveriding riders- which will held on Moulay. Its beach break is famous, with waves about 2 meters high, the swell coming from various directions -NW, W, S.

The event which will once again this year offer 40.000$, 19.000$ event and 21.000€ bonus to the winners. It also proposes a course racing in the bay of Essaouira that will be taken into account in the ranking. As far as the aside activities are concerned, several novelties will be proposed to satisfy the public.

A very high-leveled competition with the Top World Riders. The Essaouira Kiteboard World Cup attracts many foreign riders coming from Europe, Africa, Usa, The Carribean. …20 nations will be represented.

They will be driven by the current KPWT world leaders, Jesse Richman in 1st position, Abel Lago, current 2nd of the world ranking who came back to the top with his good place on the last event in Brazil; he’s followed by Antoine Auriol, in the world top 3th this year, Vyvey Leander 4th but beware of Vincent Tiger, Manuel Rondon, Erik Volpe 6th in the current ranking, Jan Marcos Riveras, Mitu Monteiro, Soufiane Hamaini who will fight harder than ever to climb back the ranking and get the world title.

As far as women are concerned, we'll attend a new duel between the winner 2007 Kristin Boese and Ania Grzelinska, 1st of the current world ranking, Ainhoa Garcia Freestyle world champion 2007, Kirsty Jones (UK), Marine Sudre (Aus), Sophie Mathews (UK), Kari Schibevaag (NOR). They will nonetheless have to face the locals newcomers on the tour.

Source: KPWT

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