Lewis Crathern: is it an alien?

Lewis Crathern stunned the world when he jumped over the Brighton Pier and the Worthing Pier, in the UK. The kite stunt crossed the globe and what was thought to be impossible is no longer a dream.

The British rider is an avid crusader for the cause of renewable energy. Lewis is now teaming up with Global Marine Energy Inc., the leader in subsea power cable installation, to bring the message of the power of offshore wind farms to a broader audience.

"Kitesurfing is incredible sport to be involved in. Using the wind and feeling connected with the environment changes your life," said Lewis Crathern.

"It has become my passion to pass this on to people in one way or another. So far I have found it to be an amazing tool to educate young people about the environment, thinking eco and leading a healthy lifestyle, and this partnership with Global Marine takes it to the next level."

"Since our first involvement in offshore wind over ten years ago, we've noticed that young people have a great enthusiasm for the industry and how offshore wind might be part of the answer for our energy future," said Joel Whitman, CEO of Global Marine Energy.

"Through our partnership with Lewis Crathern – a champion kitesurfer and a passionate proponent of offshore wind energy – we hope to connect with that enthusiastic audience and help inspire the industry's next generation."

Global Marine Energy is an independent marine engineering company. For over 150 years, Global Marine Systems has been a market leader in marine cable installation and maintenance for the offshore power cable, offshore renewable energy and telecommunications industries. Global Marine Energy is American owned and operated with offices in Boston, Massachusetts and Reston, Virginia.

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