Xiamen Long Distance Kitesurfing Race: coloured fleet in grey sky

Deng Xiaocheng has claimed the first Xiamen Long Distance Kitesurfing Race, hosted by the China Kiteboarding Centre.

During the entire competition, wind was exceptionally fierce as it was too northerly, which was caused by the typhoon in the south. The wind was blowing 20+ knots side-off shore.

In the first day it was planned a course-racing TT and a race board class. It was a triangular course with the beacons as the buoys in the channel. The wind was pretty good blowing 100m outside from the shore, although gusty near the shore.

Competitors waited for two hours for the wind to turn more side-on shore, but they lacked luck. Organizers flexibly improvised a water start 150m off the shore. The race board fleet started first as a trial run. There were six out of seven racers who could finish the 15km course.

The TT class was then scheduled immediately with 25 racers and nearly all could finish the race. The races could not be successfully finished without the experienced and professional racing committee.

The second day was a freestyle event and the wind was super strong with gusts over 30 knots, in the morning. The race organizers postponed the competition till 1pm. It was still a gusty side-off condition with most freestyles using 9m kite. There were 12 competitors in a single elimination format with four riders per heat.

Racing (TT):
First: Deng Xiaocheng
Second: Zhai Dahui (David)
Third: Ho Chi Ho
Fourth: Li Peng (Fly)
Fifth: Li Peng (Popeye)
Sixth: Li Jinguang
Seventh: Peter Kwan
Eighth: Anthony
Ninth: Frankie Cheung
Tenth: Wuqing Bing (Qb)
Eleventh: Edward Wong
Twelfth Sean Ng

Racing (Race Board):
First: Li Peng (Popeye)
Second: Jay Chau
Third: Li Jinguang

First: Jay Chau And Deng Xiaocheng
Third: Dennis Wong

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