Bracklesham Beach: fossil hunter versus kitboarders

A group of fossil hunters is lobbying for the interdition of kitesurfing in Bracklesham Beach, in West Sussex, England. The amateur and professional Geologists and Palaeontologists believe riders should not enjoy winds in this area. The heat and tension is on.

"This is a disaster for family fossil hunters where this is one of the only safe beaches for fossil hunting with small children, anywhere. These areas are already under threat from proposed sea defence work that may cut the beach in two between Bracklesham and Selsey. Fossil Hunting on the east stretch is a rewarding and interesting pass time for all ages and Bracklesham is the top site for safety and find frequency in the whole of Sussex according to UK Fossils", they defend in the Facebook page.

"It would be like taking Lyme Regis away from Dorset and saying no one but surfers can use that beach. It is wrong on every level. The kitesurfers have a right to do their sport but should be allocated West of the Bracklesham Car park thus providing a beach resource for all", they add.

The fossil hunters are trying to force the Chichester District Council to change the plan for the zone.

"We do not want to stop anyone from using the beach. We have seen an increase in numbers taking part in kitesurfing over the last two years, so we are looking at how we manage the beach", tells the Chichester District Council.

"The results of the consultation will be reported back to the council's cabinet in February 2012. Our aim is always to make sure as many users as possible can enjoy the beach."

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