Best Odyssey World Kiteboarding Expedition: the world is not enough

The Best Odyssey World Kiteboarding Expedition is over. The dream voyage to the the most remote places on earth of Gavin McClurg, Jody MacDonald, Bobby Sofyadi and Joaquin Hubbard has come to an end.

The kiteboard travel project sailed 54,000 miles and visited 50 countries, from the Caribbean, through the Panama Canal, across the South Pacific, Micronesia, Indonesia, across the Indian Ocean to Africa, around the Cape of Good Hope, Namibia, Cape Verdes, Azores, Scotland and Spain.

The circumnavigation was completed on December 10th, 2010, near Cape Verde. The Best Odyssey World Kiteboarding Expedition operated 90 trips and sailed 986 days with guests. During the entire journey they suffered 23 infections and documented 148 new virgin kite locations.

"We’ve gone places that I could have never dreamed even existed. We’ve gone places that are very close to being totally destroyed, if they aren’t already. The sadness, the beauty, the mistakes, the friendships; the many things we’ve discovered, touched and seen along the way will be with us forever", says Gavin McClurg, the captain of the catamaran.

"For these five years and eight years before that I have been charged with keeping a lot of people safe in some seriously tight situations at sea. At times the stress of it was as suffocating as drowning, but to witness the smiles and hear what the expedition meant to those who joined was more payback than I could ever get from a paycheck", he adds.

The Best Odyssey World Kiteboarding Expedition spent $123,321 on food and had 37 pros on board. Is there a book and DVD in the making?