Pete Cabrinha: the art of kiteboarding

Pete Cabrinha has opened a new art gallery in Paia, Maui. The founder of Cabrinha Kites is an accomplished artist and gets inspiration from the ocean and from all the adventures he went through traveling the world.

"Art is something that has become one of the essential parts of my being… It pursued me. I gladly let it in", says Pete Cabrinha, a man who mixes the synergies between the art of surfing and the art of creating visual images.

The iconic Hawaiian big wave rider believes there's a great feeling and dynamism between the relaxation and the challenges that make up the creative experience. The Aloha spirit is clearly felt through his paintings.

The kiteboarder and windsurfer designed off center painting techniques that are connected to photography to capture the essence of a life lived above and below the Hawaiian waters.

"The ocean is an unending source of inspiration for me. It continually provides unexpected visual vistas above and below its surface. My relationship with the ocean goes far beyond the water’s edge. The ocean has taught me humility and respect and has given me a lively hood which allows me to remain personally connected and dedicated to it".

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