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Kiteboarding will be playing a crucial card in Santander, between 21st-25th March 2012, when a series of trials will run at the Prince Felipe High Performance Centre.

The International Sailing Federation (ISAF) will evaluate the possibility of having kiteboarding in the upcoming 2012 Olympic Games, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

A specialist evaluation team from ISAF has been appointed to look at the format and event management implications, in order to improve the decisions about the inclusion of windsurfing/kiteboarding the in the Olympic sailing competition.

The evaluation team is led by Kamen Fillyov, chairman of the ISAF Windsurfing & Kiteboarding Committee. The kiteboarding and windsurfing experts will prepare a final report for the ISAF Mid-Year meeting.

ISAF and the International Kiteboarding Associations (IKA) have proposed a short track, slalom, course racing and enduro formats to be trialled in Santander. Throughout the five-day trials, the sailors will ride the different formats and provide feedback.

ISAF is also inviting the entire kiteboarding industry (national kiteboarding bodies, sailing associations and kiteboard manufacturers) to nominate a maximum of one man and one woman to attend the format trails.

Thirty Formula GPS kiteboarders battled it out on the mountains of the Alto Sangro, Italy, for the second leg of 2018 IKA Snowkite World Cup.

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