Jan Lisewski: the shark killer

Jan Lisewski has survived several shark attacks during his attempt to cross the the Red Sea, from El Gouna to Duba.

The 42-year old kitesurfer was stuck in the water for 48 hours and had to fend off the giant Red Sea sharks with a knife. Lisewski survived on energy bars, but the time out in the sea was painful.

Everyhting started when ocean winds halted his journey and left him stranded. The Polish kiteboarder sent an SOS signal, but the Saudi Arabian Coast Guard only found him 40 hours after.

Jan Lisewski ran out of mineral water in the first night. He slept on his turned kite. Then, the veteran kitesurfer He spotted a fisherman's ship and managed to fire a safety rocket, but nothing happened.

"They must've not seen it," Lisewski told media. In the second night, the survivor drifted to a reef and was attacked by 11 sharks. Jan thinks they were attracted by the color of his kite.

"I was stabbing them in the eyes, the nose and gills," Lisewski explained. Fortunately, everything went well. Aside from exhaustion and dehydration, Lisewski suffered no injuries.

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