Luderitz Speed Challenge: let's reach the 60 knots

The Luderitz Speed Challenge 2012 season has been opened. All world speed sailors have been invited to register for another year of impossible winds and world records, in Namibia.

In the last two years, organizers have tried to improve and upgrade the event. Since its foundation, the Luderitz Speed Challenge has yielded 45 National Records and six world records.

In 2007, kitesurfers and windsurfers battled for the first time in the city of Luderitz. A first record of 48 knots was achieved. In 2010, the record was raised to the incredible mark of 55.6 knots.

Last year, the organization undertook a project to dig a channel 300 meters away from the lagoon. It was tested and modifications were made to improve speed and safety.

National and world speed sailing records are waiting to be beaten. Now, competitors can race anytime of the day, as the channel is no longer depends on tides. Also, valuable time and energy is not wasted having to beat back upwind to the start - a shuttle is provided at the end of the speed strip.

The water depth is maintained throughout the length of the run, which is a requirement of the WSSRC for official ratification.

The Luderitz Speed Challenge 2012 is on. The event will be contested over 6 weeks. Windsurfers race from 5th of November to the 2nd of December, while kitesurfers run from 3rd-16th December.

The fastest man on water is the US kiteboarder Rob Douglas, who set a new outright world speed record in 2010 after peaking up to the 55.6 knots.

Surf forecasting is the process or method of predicting the behavior of swells and the breaking of the waves near the coastline.

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