Naish Kiteboarding: the ride side of life

The 2012 Naish Nation Tour is preparing to travel across North America, from the 7th April to the 2nd September. The wind sports brand is unveiling its US kite demo tour in the most important kitesurfing regions of the country.

The caravan will be stopping at 30 kite spots along the way. The 2012 Naish Nation Tour promises to hold four kiteboarding camps in Cape Hatteras, South Padre Island, Hood River and Sherman Island.

All kiteboarding camps will include riding clinics with top team riders, tech talk and multiple days of testing.

The kite bus will drive Naish team rider, including Robby Naish, Sam Light, Jesse and Shawn Richman and Davey Blair. The 2012 Naish Nation Tour makes its first stop in Florida, from April 7th-20th and will only finish the demo circuit in the Great Lakes, in September.

Check the schedule and test the 2012 Naish kiteboarding collection. There are kites, soft tech gear and kite boards to be experienced. The 2012 Naish Nation Tour calendar goes as follows:

Florida - Hatteras - Texas
Tour - Florida: April 7-20
Tour - Georgia & South Carolina: April 21-25
Camp - Hatteras, Sc: April 26-29
Camp - South Padre Island, Tx: May 3-6

Tour - Northeast: May 10-15

Tour - California: May 24 - June 4
Camp - Sherman Island: August 9-12

Pacific Northwest
Camp - Hood River: June 29 - July 1
Tour - Northwest: July 12-22

Quebec, Canada
Tour - Quebec: August 15-20

Great Lakes
Tour - Great Lakes: August 24 - September 2

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