With a Kite: putting the best tricks into th best kiteboarding movie ever

Adam Boozer and Tim Tewell want to release the greatest kiteboard movie ever. "With a Kite - The Evolution of True Boarding" follows the world's best kitesurfers doing the most impossible tricks at the 2012 Triple-S Invitational, in Cape Hatteras.

"We need an epic, Billabong Odyssey style doc that puts kiteboarding on the map", Sam Branson tells in the movie teaser. The film directors need funding to get the production underway and are looking for everyone's help to back the project, at the "all-or-nothing" KickStarter pledge.

"We need a film that properly documents the sport in a manner that showcases how advanced it has become, how hard the core crew of riders have worked to get it there and where this crew thinks the sport needs to go next to be accepted by the mainstream", directors reveal.

Several of the world's best kite boarders including Aaron Hadlow, Ruben Lenten, Billy Parker, Andre Phillip and others have expressed their support for the project. Watch the teaser for "With a Kite - The Evolution of True Boarding".

"Because I feel in my gut that this particular moment in time for this sport will be looked back on as the tipping point. This core group of riders will be looked at as the Z-Boys of Kiteboarding. The ones who showed the world what true, limitless boarding can be like with a kite", says Adam Boozer.

"With a Kite" follows this core brotherhood of the world’s best riders as they land sick tricks and push the evolution of board sports toward their purest form. Skateboarding, surfing, snowboarding, wakeboarding. It’s all about the board. For these riders, kiting is boarding in its truest expression.

Taking advantage of the world’s best kiteboarders converging on the Triple-S Invitational for just one week, the main focus will be to document the action and events in the most authentic and visually stunning manner possible.

Adam and Tim will be using a distributed approach to capture as many different angles and story components as possible both visually and audibly.

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