Alex Caizergues: speed has its cons

Alex Caizergues has suffered a knee injury while competing at the Orange Speed Crossing, as part of the Mondial du Vent 2012, in Leucate, France. The Orange Speed Crossing is a speed sailing competition between kitesurfers and windsurfers.

The French kiteboarder injured himself during the second leg after a hard crash at the run entry. "Thanks to all who helped me during this hard moment! But i will be back soon, stronger", Alex Caizergues wrote on his Facebook page.

"On the second run, I made hit 40 knots, while Rob got 38. In my third run, my right foot got stuck in the straps. It's infuriating because I was leading and I felt I could do even better. But that's sport", he added.

Caizergues delivered the first place to Rob Douglas, who leads the challenge after the fourth round. But, Alex was not the only one suffering injuries. Geoffrey Mascarel also sprained his wrist.

Recently, Alex Caizergues had clinched a new kite crossing record. The French rider sailed from St Barthélemy to St Martin in 44 minutes.

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