Bruno Sroka: he wants the English Channel kite record

Bruno Sroka will try to kitesurf across English Channel and beat the world record of 5 hours and 20 minutes. The French kiteboarder wants to celebrate the inclusion of the sport in the 2016 Olympic Games with a serious challenge.

Sroka will have to sail the 100 nautical miles of the English Channel with favorable wind and swell conditions, as well as cargo ships.The world course race champion has already marked a special record. Bruno Sroka is the first and the only kitesurfer to cross the Cape Horn.

"The weather has been playing cat and mouse with me and the French coast guards were cruel in giving the authorization to cross the channel", explains the kiteboarder.

"But its all done. Got my approvals and after checking the weather again, I decided that now is the perfect timing".

"I have been working on discovering the facts of the crossing, checking the channel, the currents, the waves and wind, developing the special equipment and training physically".

"I want the record, not the second place. I am checking the good weather condition window and will get ready up and go once I will see it is possible to leave".

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