Brandon Scheid: unstoppable kiteboarding machine

Brandon Scheid is the best kiteboarder of the prestigious 2012 Triple-S Invitational, after claiming victory in the Slider, Combined and Winch categories in Cape Hatteras, USA.

The Real Watersports compound was the perfect stage for the celebration of spectacular kiteboarding performances, with breathtaking sunsets, amazing music, great vibes and great sliders.

The invite-only kiteboarding event showcased the world’s most progressive wake- and surf-influenced kiteboarders. With a $10,000 purse at stake, competitors rode hard throughout the week, slaying the surf and throwing down the most technical and jaw-dropping moves imaginable.

The setup? An epic flatwater utopia, Reak's industry-leading obstacle park, and Cape Hatteras’ head-high surf. Unlike any other kiteboarding event on the planet, Triple-S’ unique format encourages competitors to take risks, trying new tricks and riding styles, and not worrying about playing it safe like at a conventional contest.

Amidst a sea of spectators, the 33 Triple-S competitors took to the stage and the energy level went through the roof. On the Men's front, Brandon Scheid took four podiums, including first in Sliders and second in Slicks.

Eric Rienstra topped the podium four times as well, including Best Session and third in Sliders. Billy Parker graced the podium three times, including second in Sliders. And with his powerful, technical, go-bigger-than-anyone flatwater riding, Alex Pastor won the Slicks category. On the Surf side, Mark Miedama won for the second year straight.

On the women’s front, wild card winner Colleen Carroll bagged a whopping five podiums, including first in Sliders and second in Slicks and Surf. And multiple-time World Champion Gisela Pulido scored a trio of podiums with first in Surf and Slicks.

2012 Triple-S Invitational:

Men’s Sliders
1. Brandon Scheid
2. Billy Parker
3. Eric Rienstra

Men’s Slicks
1. Alex Pastor
2. Brandon Scheid
3. Sam Light

Men’s Surf
1. Mark Miedama
2. Teddy Lyons
3. Sam Bell

Men’s Combined
1. Brandon Scheid
2. Billy Parker
3. Eric Rienstra

Men’s Winch
1. Brandon Scheid
2. Billy Parker
3. Eric Rienstra

Women’s Sliders
1. Colleen Carroll
2. Sensi Graves
3. Claire Lutz

Women’s Slicks
1. Gisela Pulido
2. Colleen Carroll
3. Susi Mai

Women’s Surf
1. Gisela Pulido
2. Colleen Carroll
3. Sensi Graves

Women’s Combinbed
1. Gisela Pulido
2. Colleen Carroll
3. Sensi Graves

Women’s Winch
1. Claire Lutz
2. Lulu Vroman
3. Colleen Carroll

Best Session: Eric Rienstra
Rookie of the Year: Craig Cunningham
Slickstyle Attitude: Joby Cook & Davey Blair

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