Kiteboarding: lines are dangerous?

Amit Inbar, former Israeli Olympic windsurfer and manager of a kitesurfing school, believes that the inclusion of kiteboarding in the 2016 Olympic Games is "a big mistake".

"I think they have made a very big mistake because I think the people at ISAF don't really understand the implications of the decision and the dangers of the sport," Inbar told Reuters.

"People have died kitesurfing. I'm really scared that we are going to see some very bad accidents. It is 10 times more dangerous than windsurfing," he added.

Inbar underlined that 130 people have already lost their lives in the sport worldwide and that it will be dangerous having a large fleet competing side by side.

"A kite has a lot of energy and there are many things that can go wrong. If you put 100 kites on a course, the lines in strong winds can be like knives and at the start there are many chances for lines tangle"

"Kitesurfing at the Olympics will be the same as windsurfing: sailing around markers, no jumping, nothing sexy, or all the crazy stuff kitesurfers do. At the end of the day, it will be exactly the same," adds Inbar.

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