It is with great pleasure that we announce that the Civil Aviation Safety Authority has agreed to extend their permit by an extra 300m south of the Torrens Mouth at Henley Beach South.

Under the new permit, effective immediately, SAKSA members can now fly their kites as far south as the Henley Sailing Club at the end of Burbridge Road. It’s a sizable extension given that the south side of the Torrens mouth is often less populated and opens up the total beach access at Henley South to almost 1km.

The northern border of the access still remains at Gilmore Rd and we’re still encouraging members to use the less populated beach next to the Torrens Mouth.

The new permit is more protective however. CASA has revoked the previous permit and put the new condition of a permit expiry in place for the WHOLE area; which means we are all required to follow the rules and reapply upon expiry in 2010, or risk losing access all together.

Other conditions include a maximum distance out to sea of 500m and a 30m kite flying height limit. Whilst they are more restrictive, they are generally easy to abide by. CASA has had cases of kites showing up in Air Traffic Control and have strongly urged us to ensure that all members are compliant.

We also ask that members are mindful of the Sailing Club and keep well clear of any sailing activity at the southern end of the new permit area. Any non members should be made aware of the rules to protect beach access there.

Given the congestion of kiters at Henley South at the moment, we are very pleased with the beach extension and thank CASA for working with us for a positive outcome.