Kiteboarding: get covered with an insurance policy

The International Kiteboarding Organization (IKO) has improved the US insurance coverage to all its members.

After a brief interruption, the kiteboard insurance policy has been restored and upgraded to fully protect and honor the commitment IKO members make to adhere to the safety standards.

"Kiteboard insurance is a must if you are going to ride, teach, or operate a kite school. Just one accident can knock a school or instructor out of business, as well as bring grave responsibility to a rider should he cause harm to another or their property accidentally," underlined Frédéric Béné, IKO's president.

New policies are available at the same rate as last year, with no premium increase. Policies offer unmatched competitive rates with the most comprehensive general liability, medical and dental coverage of up to $1,000,000 for each kiteboarding incident.

Kiteboard riders located in the U.S. are eligible and these policies are unique and available only to IKO members. All members may apply for this revamped policy using the IKO online tool.

The insurance policy for kiteboarding also extends to snowkite and powerkite extreme sport activities.

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