2009 Langebaan Downwind

The 2009 Resolution Langebaan Downwind Dash will be held from Saturday January 17 to Sunday January 19 2009 at Langebaan, South Africa.

The regatta gives points for the annual ranking of the IKA world ranking.

The event will be organised by Saldanha Beach Sailing Club as the LOA, for and on behalf of the IKA. The event will be based starting from Langebaan Beach.

During January, the weather conditions are usually: average wind of 15 to 25 knotts sout/south west water conditions: average temperature 17 Celsius.

The winner of the event scores 100 points, others are ranked accordingly. The maximum size of the fleet is 300 competitors, including women and all wildcards.

This event shall be a single discipline event. Divisions are: Kite, Windsurfer, Catamaran. Only the Kite division counts for the IKA world ranking.

The registration will take place on the beach at the parking area Langebaan.

The Downwind Dash is the longest running windsurfer event in South Africa. With the popularity of kite surfing in recent years, the event has been opened up to kite boards as well. It is believed to be the only event where windsurfers and kites go head to head.

Catamarans are also invited to take part.

Sailed from Langebaan to Saldanha, the event relies on the prevailing South East wind.

The Dash is a reaching course over 17 km. The Start is a le Mans start off the beach at Langebaan, across the entrance to the lagoon to the Donkergat peninsular, then a starboard reach back to the beach near Leentjiesklip just South of Club Mykonos, screaming port reach to the end of the iron ore terminal, then a semi reaching run down to the beach in the corner of Saldanha Bay, jibe round and along the beach to round Dial Rock and in to the finish on the beach in front of the Saldanha Beach Saling Club house.

Surf forecasting is the process or method of predicting the behavior of swells and the breaking of the waves near the coastline.

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