Keahi De Aboitiz: wave kitesurfing master

Keahi De Aboitiz and Jalou Langeree are the 2012 KSP World Tour champions. The new best wave kitesurfers in the world sealed their victories on Maui's North Shore.

The final day of the Hookipa Kite Surf Pro was sailed in building surf and returning trade winds. World tour leader Patri McLaughlin, Airton Cozzolino, Sebastian Ribeiro and Luke McGillewie suffered early losses and lost their chances.

The title race was only opened to riders Guilly Brandao, Keahi De Aboititz and Mitu Monteiro. In the final, De Aboitiz emerged victorious and celebrated the win with all his emotions.

"So stoked to win the event here on Maui and take home the 2012 world title", said the emotional Keahi De Aboitiz.

The Women's final hit the water in pulsing northwest swell and finely groomed over-head waves. Whyte, in her first ever KSP World Championship Tour event, continued her charge to victory, posting big scores, displaying fluid style, and defeating points leader Langeree.

2012 KSP World Championship Tour Results:

1. Keahi De Aboitiz (AUS, Cabrinha)
2. Mitu Monteiro (CPV, F-One)
3. Airton Cozzolino (CPV, North)

1. Jalou Langeree (NED, Naish)
2. Ines Correia (POR, RRD)
3. Ninja Bichler (GER, North)

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