Haugastøl: snow and speed heaven

The fastest snow kiteboarders on the planet are getting ready for the ultimate speed challenge in the low temperatures of Norway, from 17th-19th January.

The third edition of the Haugastøl Speed Challenge is hitting the Norwegian snowy spot at the speed of light. Have you ever wondered how fast you can ride with a kite?

The man to beat is local star Terje Halstensgård, who took the skiing division, in the last two years. In the kite snowboarding, Ståle Sundfjords's title will be defied by Alex Caizergues, a rider who knows the meaning of speed.

The Haugastøl Speed Challenge 2013 will present a 500-meter kite course, equipped with automatic timing. All riders are invited to lock-in as many runs as they wish. Only the best time counts to the rankings.

All snow kiteboarders are invited to participate in this heated-up speed challenge. There will be four different categories of kiters racing for glory: Ski Men, Ski Women, Snowboard Men and Snowboard Women.

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