Project Ataraxia: challenging Mount Marcus Baker

Snow kiteboarders have successfuly completed the first speed-flying descent of Mount Marcus Baker, the highest peak of the Chugach Mountains of Alaska.

Sebastian Bubmann, Philip Kuchelmeister, Obdiah Jenkins, Nicolas Chibac, Marvin Ogger, Steve Carr, Tom Fredericks and Pete Lowney have designed and challenged their project "Ataraxia".

The goal was to use kite support only to reach the summit of the highest peak, Mount Marcus Baker, at 13,176 feet (4,016 meters). Difficult weather conditions precluded the ascent with 100% kite-power, but they've managed to do a speed-flying descent in extreme conditions.

The "Ataraxia" group of riders discovered some of the best snowkiting conditions on the planet, with the massive Knik glacier featuring an amazing playground for the multinational team.

Mount Marcus Baker is one of the top 75 peaks in the world. Henry Bradford Washburn, Jr. an American explorer, was the first ascender of Mount Marcus Baker.

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