Alex Pastor: checking time on his watch

Alex Pastor and Gisela Pulido have conquered the Mondial du Vent 2013, in Leucate, France.

The final heats of the double elimination were performed in perfect conditions, with side-off shore winds, at about 25-30 knots and sunny skies.

The double elimination gives the opportunity to come back and win, for riders that lost in the single elimination. In case you break a line or have a bad heat, you can still come back and finish with a better result.

The Women's double elimination final was set between Gisela Pulido and Karolina Winkowska. They both landed their Blind Judges and 313's. Karolina got another S-1 in, but could not get in enough tricks. In the end, Gisela got four high scoring tricks, in the gusty winds, to take the win.

The Men's final got Alex Pastor against Marc Jacobs. Alex landed some amazing tricks: Back Mobe 5, Double S-1, NIS, BJ and 313. Marc did all he could, but he could not mount a solid heat. Alex Pastor won the event, with the highest heat score total of the day, at 33.86.

The Mondial du Vent 2013 gathered 61 freestyle kiteboarders. The next stop will be the Marsala World Cup Freestyle 2013, in Sicily, Italy, between June 25th-30th.

Rob Bain, Layne Beachley, and Dave Macaulay have taken out the Azores Airlines World Masters Championship in the Grand Masters, Women's Masters and Men's Masters divisions held in good three-foot surf at Praia de Santa Barbara.

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