Sam Light: he has always time for photo ops

Sam Light has taken the overall 2013 Triple-S Invitational title, held in Cape Hatteras, USA.

The 2013 Triple S Invitational is over. Male and female winners have been crowned in Surf, Slick, Slider and Overall Divisions. The overall trophies were stolen by Sam Light and Colleen Carroll.

This year, the iconic kite competition saw a new format being introduced, with heats, a scoring system and a panel of judges.

In the Slider division, riders had two runs through the park, taking a score from the best hit on each feature. Sam Light took the top honours, followed by Alex Fox and Eric Rienstra.

In the Slick challenge, the experienced Aaron Hadlow took out Rick Jensen and Ewan Jaspan. Jason Slezak conquered in the surf zone, leaving Mark Miedama and Teddy Lyons in the remaining podium places.

Colleen Carroll is one of the riders of the event. She dominated all disciplines and took the overall Women's title, at Cape Hatteras. The "Best Session" award went to Brandon Scheid, while Laura Vroman took the "Best Wipeout".

2013 Triple-S Invitational Overall Results:

1. Sam Light
2. Alex Fox
3. Eric Rienstra

1. Colleen Carroll
2. Kriss Kinn
3. Sensi Graves

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