PKRA/IKA Kiteboarding Junior Freestyle World Championships: great move

The inaugural PKRA/IKA Kiteboarding Junior Freestyle World Championships have crowned the first glories, in Costa Brava, Spain.

Up to 43 competitors from 17 countries have participated in the first ever PKRA/IKA Kiteboarding Junior Freestyle World Championships.

The final day of the event came to an end with one last heat being run. The wind was building all afternoon, but unfortunately only one out of the six heats remaining was run.

The only heat that was run was the super tiebreaker between Heras, Martinez and Chen to break the three-way tie they had after the round robin.

It was a very close heat, with Heras landing a good variety of tricks and edging out Martinez and Chen.

This means that Gal Heras, Tom Bridge, Vera Klabbers, Greta Menardo, Isabeau Galliart, Kate Bowcutt, Jerome Cloetens and Noe Font have been crowned Kiteboarding Junior Freestyle world champions across four divisions.

PKRA/IKA Kiteboarding Junior Freestyle World Championships:

Girls 8-13:
1. Heras (ESP)
2. Martinez (ESP)
3. Chen (CHN)

Girls 14-16:
1. Klabbers (NED), Menardo (ITA), Galliart (NED), Bowcutt (DOM)

Boys 8-14:
1. Tom Bridge (GBR)
2. Guy Bridge (GBR)
3. Racca (MEX)
4. Mur Peris (ESP)

Boys 15-16:
1. Font (ESP) and Cloetens (BEL),
3. Zurik (POL) and Delmas (FRA)

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