Versa Fin System: FCS compatible

Fin setups are becoming more relevant in kiteboarding. The new Versa Fin System by Slingshot adds versatility to modern kite boards.

The main kiteboarding brands are already launching their 2014 kite and board models. Getting the most out of fins is clearly one of the main drives when it comes to the future of kiteboarding.

Kite boards should last longer and offer high performance levels, whether you're looking to speed up, fly or turn in critical sections of the wave.

The new Versa Fin System by Slingshot is introduced via the 2014 T-Rex kite board. Its aggressive five-fin setup (3 x 3 5/8'' tri plus 2x 4 5/8'' asymmetrical sides) is built in FCS compatible boxes.

"Versa Fin System makes our boards more fun, no matter the day's conditions or preferred riding style. Be it small mushy days when speed is vital, or steep overhead when there's room to play - a versatile board puts the rider in control", Slingshot explains.

Look at the three most common fin setups in kiteboarding:

CONDITIONS Steep Fast Down the Line Mushy
FEEL Snappy Stable Fast

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