Red Bull King of the Air: when kiteboarding meets big airs

"Upwind - Launch of a Sport" is a complete documentary about the early days of kitesurfing and the first Red Bull King of the Air.

In the final years of the 20th century, kitesurfing and kiteboarding were still making the first steps as a planetary wind sport. Riders, gear and tricks were different from today's perspective.

Red Bull King of the Air is one of the most important events in kiteboarding. The quest is simple: pull the biggest air to take full glory.

In 1999, Hookipa Beach, in Maui, gave wings to the fledgling sport of kitesurfing. That event was Red Bull King of the Air.

Over the next seven years, as the sport gained popularity worldwide, the event became the annual playground for some of the world's most dynamic kitesurfers. Red Bull King of the Air returned with more legends than ever before.

"Upwind - Launch of a Sport" is a full-length documentary that follows early kiteboarding pioneers as they navigate through the history of big air kiting and competition.

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