Alex Pastor: flying over Fuerteventura

Alex Pastor and Gisela Pulido have claimed the Freestyle competition at the PKRA Fuerteventura 2013.

The PKRA World Tour has celebrated its 100th event, in the Spanish waters of Fuerteventura. The last day of competition saw riders taking their 5 to 7 meter kites.

The final between Alex Pastor and Liam Whaley saw Alex pulling a huge Blind Judge, followed by a perfect Back Mobe and S-Mobe and finishing it off with the highest trick score of the competition, a 7.94 for a Double S-Bend 3.

Liam crashed his first seven tricks and by the time he got back into it, the horn had sounded and Alex pastor was the winner of the PKRA Fuerteventura.

In the first Women's final Annabel Van Westerop did just enough to advance over Gisela, who only landed a Blind Judge and S-1.

The next final, Gisela knew what she needed to do to defeat Annabel and charged right out of the gates with a Blind Judge, Megaloop, 313 and S-Bend.

In the overall rankings, Aaron Hadlow moves back up to 4th and Novotna climbs on the last podium spot.

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