Zero 2 Hero: the instructional DVD by Real Watersports

The "Zero 2 Hero: Learn To Kiteboard" DVD has been released by Real Watersports.

Eight years ago, Real Watersports launched the original "Zero 2 Hero Instructional DVD". Meanwhile, the gear has changed and teaching methods have evolved a lot.

The new DVD is the result of 12 years of lessons and kite camps, over 150 coaches and 40,000 new kiteboarders worldwide.

Shot on location at the Real Lesson Center, in Cape Hatteras, North Carolina, the "Zero 2 Hero: Learn To Kiteboard" DVD includes new gear, new teaching methods, incredible action and learning tools.

The DVD is targeted to those who are new to the sport of kiteboarding, or to friends who are asking you how to get into the sport.

"We made the 'Zero 2 Hero' DVD to help new kiteboarders become self sufficient riders, as fast as possible. The DVD is not a replacement for live instruction, but designed to provide a solid background and a reference to come back to throughout the learning process", explains Matt Nuzzo, kite coach and co-founder of Real Watersports.

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