Mario Rodwald: the German flieger

Mario Rodwald and Sabrina Lutz have won the third Freestyle leg of the Mini Kitesurf Tour Europe 2013, at Scheveningen.

With the sun, spectacular tricks, strong and gusty winds, many spectators came up to the beach of Scheveningen, in Holland.

In the Men's division, German star Mario Rodwald dominated from the start, and widened his lead with a third consecutive win, at Scheveningen. The Euro title is close.

"The conditions were really challenging and I had some tough heats, especially the final was a close one. Big thanks to my dad for the support So stoked to win the third stop", tells Rodwald.

Dutch rider Annelous Lammerts ended up taking the third place and wasted precious points in the KTE European Freestyle rankings.

"In these difficult circumstances, it can go both ways. Today, it defenitely didn't go my way. If I win in Barcelona, and Sabrina Lutz loses a lot of ground, I could still have a chance on the title", says Annelous.

Lammerts didn't perform at her best and was happy to get on the podium, taking the third place after German rank leader Sabrina Lutz and Viktoria Rosinska.

The last stage of the Mini Kitesurf Tour 2013 will be held in Barcelona.

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