Mario Rodwald: the freestyle kiteboarding guru

Mario Rodwald and Maxime Nocher are the new 2013 Kitesurf Tour Europe champions.

Castelldefels, in Spain, welcomed the Old Continent's best kiteboarding fleet for an exciting grand finale of the KTE Tour 2013, for both freestyle and course racing competitions.

In the Freestyle game, German front-runners Mario Rodwald and Sabrina Lutz had the opportunity to seal the deal in Castelldeldefels, alongside with 78 riders from 10 nations.

Austria's Stefan Spiessberger, who was close on Rodwald's heels in the overall ranking, kept his nerve and won over the German, in a very tight Semifinal clash.

Rodwald finished third, but Spiessberger continued his winning strike and sent Spanish superstar Alex Pastor to the second place. The Austrian's win wasn't enough however to prevent Rodwald from defending his 2012 European Championship title.

In the women's division, Sabrina Lutz faced a similar fate. She too lost and won at the same time. She lost in the Semifinals against her nemesis, the reigning European champion Annelou Lammerts, and she also managed to finish in third position to claim the Euro title.

In the Course Racing division, Florian Gruber won race two and got a second place in the last race, which secured him the event win. However, he couldn't get the overall title due to two missing points that made Maxime Nocher a happy Tour winner.

In the Women's division, Astrid Bertz was more consistent than her opponent Katja Roose, it was the Dutch who got the overall title. She competed in all of the four tour stops, while Bertz competed only in the Netherlands and in Spain.

Results of the 2013 KTE Freestyle European Tour

1. Mario Rodwald (Germany)
2. Stefan Spiessberger (Austria)
3. Jerrie van de Kop (Netherlands)

1. Sabrina Lutz (Germany)
2. Annelous Lammerts (Netherlands)
3. Nanette Lammerts (Netherlands)

Results of the 2013 KTE Course Racing European Tour

1. Maxime Nocher (France)
2. Florian Gruber (Germany)
3. Blazej Ozog (Poland)

1. Katja Roose (Netherlands)
2. Aga Grzymska (Poland)
3. Anastasia Akopova (Russia)

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