Kiteboard Racing: tight, fast and full of adrenaline

Mirco Babini is the newly elected president of the International Kiteboarding Association (IKA). What plans has he got for the future of sport?

Kiteboarding keeps growing and has already defined its place in the heart of the International Sailing Federation (ISAF). It's time to move, with a new leader commanding the fleet of kites.

"Kiteboarding is getting wider. Kiteboard racing is not over. Kiteboarding has been voted to be part of the elite of the Sailing World Cup, and it will be the 11th discipline for the World Cup Series", confirms Mirco Babini.

"2014 will be year zero. 2015 will be the first year in which the best 24 riders from the world rankings will be able to compete in the World Cup Series, with prize money and a lot of media coverage".

If there's one more medal awarded by the International Olympic Committee for Sailing, "it will be for kiteboard racing. Kiteboarding in the Olympics should be fun with a new format, short track, fast, and full of adrenaline.

Babini says Formula Kite is a fleet racing class, so "everyone can make its own choice". Also, Mirco believes it is not easy to switch from race to foil kiteboarding. "We'll keep the open class with almost no rule and we will see what happen. Racing is what we need to keep focus on".

Twin Tip kiteboard racing will be a class recognized by IKA. "It may be really interesting to improve recreational sailing, weekend warriors, and for youth. They don't need to spend money just to start racing".

When it comes to the professional world tour circuits, Mirco Babini leaves a word for the longest-running circuit - PKRA - but is not clear about the plans he has for the wave kitesurfing future.

"PKRA is recognized for giving the Freestyle and Slalom titles. PKRA is the best-known tour that we have since the beginning of kiteboarding", concludes the IKA president.

Whether you think of a kite as a wing or a sail, you want it to be lightweight, resistant, waterproof, but also stiff and flexible at the same time, so that they could respond to all flight requests.

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