2013 Lighthouse to Leighton: 19 kilometers of racing

Marvin Baumeister has set a new kiteboarding record at the 2013 Lighthouse to Leighton. The German rider made the crossing in just 23 minutes and 50 seconds.

The 19-kilometer race between Rottnest Island and Leighton Beach has been challenged by 88 kiteboarders, in 14-to-20 wind knots. The previous record in Australia's longest kitesurf race was 24 minutes and 30 seconds, set in 2010 by world speed record holder Alex Caizergues.

Marvin Baumeister was caught in the pack of racers for the first two kilometers, but after clearing a few patches of weed, he saw a gap and put the hammer down and hung on.

"I had a good start. I chose a slalom board which gave me a bit more speed, it was a great race and it feels so good to win it this year", says Baumeister.

The day wasn't without drama for Baumeister and he nearly didn't get to race, forgetting his harness. After a few frantic phone calls, a film crew was able to bring it out to the island.

Florian Gruber kept second place, and Torvar Mirsky, from Fremantle, got third and won the Marc Sprod Memorial Trophy, named after a well-known local kitesurfer who passed away earlier this year.

2013 Lighthouse to Leighton Results:

1. Marvin Baumeister (GER) Record time: 23.50
2. Florian Gruber (GER)
3. Torvar Mirsky (AUS)

1. Marie Desandre Navarre (FRA)
2. Ariane Imbert (FRA)
3. Lisa Hickman (AUS)

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