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Narapichit Pudla and Dylan van der Meij have taken out three kiteboarding divisions, at the KTA Indonesia 2014, held in Trikora Beach, Bintan.

Pudla won the Raceboard and Twin-Tip classes. He is now one of the best riders in the Asian continent. "I think overall I finished first. Quite a good four days' work, really."

Swiss rider Astrid Berz, 41, was similarly elated with her performance, particularly in the changing conditions that ameliorated as the contest progressed.

"I like a mix of conditions because sometimes some riders are really good in light winds, some in high wind. However to win in both is important, it shows who can ride in any conditions consistently. I'm happy," Berz revealed.

The Ukrainian Nikitina was struggling against Kathrin Borgardt, who placed second in both the Twin-Tip and the Raceboard classes. However as the wind dropped it played to her strength, and she scored two bullets out of three on the final day to seal overall victory.

In the Freestyle arena, during the double eliminations of day two, Dylan van der Meij battled his way up the order to take the first final, then the super final, with a roster of powered Slim Chances, 313s, and Blind Judge 3s.

In the Women's Freestyle clash, a tense super final saw the Brazilian Estefania Rosa Santos fighting back in the double eliminations and taking down British number one Rosanna Jury. Then she defeated Kelly Schouten in the super final with a remarkable five completed air passes.

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