San Juan Foil Cup: party comes first

Jon Modica has conquered the San Juan Foil Cup 2014, held in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

The international, hydrofoil kitesurfing race launched from the beaches of Isla Verde, Carolina. The event had both local and international competitors coming from California, France, Colombia, Brazil and Dubai.

The four days of races ended up with 15-20 knots of winds, and perfect blue skies. Riders took out their 9-meter kites and Jon Modica was the man to beat.

Zack Marks, pushed Jon and, at times, he led the pack. The runner-up position is fully deserved. Damien LeRoy won races and finished third overall.

San Juan Foil Cup 2014 Final Results:

1. Jon Modica
2. Damien LeRoy
3. Zack Marks

Twin Tip
1. Rene Javier
2. Luciano Bozzolo
3. Frances Osorio

Directional Kiteboard Category
1. Juan Carlos Garces
2. Frank Figarella
3. Guillermo Sierra

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