Aaron Hadlow and Ruben Lenten confirmed in the Red Bull Ragnarok

April 13, 2010 | Kiteboarding

Hadlow and Lenten: snow rookies, water masters

Aaron Hadlow and Ruben Lenten will be attending the Red Bull Ragnarok, in the icy Haugastøl, Norway.

The participant event Red Bull Ragnarok will select up to 200 riders from all over the world to race for 3 hours; 6 rounds of approximately 30 minutes each, stretching from 10-20km. After each round, if not already given up voluntarily, a number of snow-kite heroes will be eliminated.

The name "Ragnarok" stems from an incident in Norse mythology, describing the last battle between the good and evil Gods, where only the heroes of the battlefield survive.

Red Bull Ragnarok imitates this myth in the respect that only a mere few snow-kite heroes will succeed. Endurance is paramount, and only the toughest riders will make it to the finish line. Freestylers will be favored by having the possibility to overcome some obstacles in order to shorten the track.

The event will be carried out on one race day during the period April 15th – 18th on the great plateau by Haugastøl, Norway.


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