Aaron Hadlow joins North Kiteboarding

June 15, 2014 | Kiteboarding
Aaron Hadlow: wake style

Aaron Hadlow has joined the North Kiteboarding team.

The five-time world kiteboarding champion will not only be a North Kiteboarding rider and team member, but he will also be heavily involved in the brand's research and development.

"I'm excited about joining North Kiteboarding and it's great to be supported by such a knowledgeable and experienced team. It's obviously a massive step for me, but I feel that this partnership has a lot of synergy and potential," says Hadlow.

The British rider, 25, has been inspiring kiteboarders across the globe with his sheer style, and ruthless technicality. The name has been seen on kites since 2008, boards since 2004 and he was landing double handle passes over 10 years ago.

Hadlow joins a team of lifelong friends such as Jaime Herraiz and Tom Court so you can expect some great videos from Tom and Aaron as they work and travel together.

Aaron Hadlows favorite kiteboarding spots are Big Bay (Cape Town), Encuentro (Dominican Republic) and Cape Hatteras (USA).

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