Aaron Hadlow: he tried it 900 times

Aaron Hadlow has successfully landed a 900. The British kiteboarder has completed the move in a spot known for wave riding instead of flat water and bumpy lake or river.

Hadlow was trying to complete the 900 for a few months. The stunt means the kiteboarder has secured 2,5 full rotations around him and landed it perfectly.

Ruben and Lewis came along to see if Aaron could manage it.

There was a lot of riding around and searching, but some absolute belters came through.

Hadlow found the perfect ramp, jumped high, and quickly confirmed the 900 was possible.

The first 900 in the history of kiteboarding was landed in South Africa during winter. Aaron Hadlow has conquered five PKRA titles in his entire career.

He is 22 years old and has decided to take a break from scheduled competitions.

In the last months, he has been training around the globe, launching his products and his own brand.

The British free-kitesurfer will certainly keep challenging records and untried stunts.

Watch how he did it.

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