Aaron Hadlow: 13 years with Flexifoil

Aaron Hadlow is leaving Flexifoil. The brand will move forward, focusing on core land and water kiting products.

The British kiteboarding star teamed up with Flexifoil in 2001 to develop the brand's first water kite that would power Hadlow on to winning five consecutive world titles.

In 2009, Flexifoil and Aaron created the first Hadlow signature water kite, and by 2013, Hadlow products populated half of the Flexifoil water kite product range.

"I would like to thank Aaron for his unwavering commitment, determination, and contribution over the years," says Anthony Van Dor, manager of Flexifoil.

"Our business relationship has now come to a conclusion, but we remain great friends, and the Van Dort family and I are honored to have shared so many good and fun times with Aaron

The company, founded in 1972, reassures customers that all water kite spare parts and accessories will continue to be supported, so existing purchases remain unaffected.

"I would like to thank Flexifoil for all their support over the years, it has been a long journey and it is sad to leave the family but I am happy with the experience I have gained and the achievements I have won with their help. It has truly been a memorable stage in my life," adds Aaron Hadlow.

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