Aaron Hadlow presents kite and boards for 2011

October 6, 2010 | Kiteboarding

Aaron Hadlow: a touring year

Flexifoil and Aaron Hadlow are pleased to announce a Tour of England starting this Friday (8th) in Whitstable and culminating in a visit to the BKSA Finals, in Blackpool.

Aaron will be touring around a selection of retailers across the UK, presenting his 2011 kite and boards for the world to see.

Make sure you don't miss out on this sneak peek of his upcoming products, as well as getting the chance to ride with him on the new kit!

UK Dates:

Friday 8th October Boardworx, Whitstable
Saturday 9th October Surface to Air, Hythe
Sunday 10th October Surface to Air, Hove
Monday 11th October King of Watersports, Bournemouth
Tuesday 12th October Edge Watersports, Exmouth
Wednesday 13th October Bristol Kite Store, Bristol
Thursday 14th October Airboss World, Loughborough
Friday 15th October Hunstanton Watersports, Hunstanton
Saturday 16th October BKSA Finals, Blackpool
Sunday 17th October BKSA Finals, Blackpool

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